Faces of the New South

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Faces of the New South

After Reconstruction, Democrats Known as "Bourbons" rose to power in the South.Bourbons believed that the South should rely less on agriculture and more on industry.Some of the people who were involved are listed below:Joseph E. BrownJohn B. GordonAlfred H. Colquitt

Faces of the NEW South!!

Bourbon Triumvirate!!

Henry Grady was editor of the Atlanta Constitution from 1880 to 1889, and used his newspaper to promote what he labeled the "New South".Grady believed the South needed to stop relying on farming and become more like the North economically.

Henry Grady!!

During the 1880's most farmers were suffering economically and falling further and further into debt.Georgia Lawyer Tom Watson critized Grady's New South because he claimed it hurt small farmers.

Tom Watson!!

Rebecca Latimer Felton was the wife of progressive congressman William H. Felton, who opposed the Bourbon Democrats.Felton was active in politics and was the South's best-known campaigner for Woman's Suffrage!

Rebecca Felton!!

Leo Frank Case!!

Leo Frank was a Jewish factory Superintendent in Atlanta.In 1913, he was convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old female worker.Frank was sentenced to life in prison, but two years later, citizens from Mary's hometown in Marietta kidnapped him and hanged him from an oak tree.Decades later, new evidence revealed that the murder was most likely comitted by someone else.The state pardones Frank 71 years after his lynching, but the case symbolized Southerners' strong Anti-Semitic feeling at the time.

Joseph E. Brown!!!

John B. Gordon!!!

Alfred H. Colquitt!!!


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