Faces of the Harlem Renaissance

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Faces of the Harlem Renaissance

In the neighborhood of Harlem, in New York, a massive expression of African American culture and art resulted in the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem was the epicenter of African American culture between the years of 1917 and 1935. Artists, writers, dancers, musicians, activists, philosophers, and patrons went to the same parties, danced at the same clubs, and lived and worked on the same streets. As a result, many of the works produced during this period were results of collaborations between artists, and of the influence, encouragement, and inspiration of individuals living and working in Harlem. In turn, Harlem itself inspired an incredible array of artistic, philosophical, political, and social works, many of which were created in an attempt to capture the mood and energy of this extraordinary place.

Faces of the Harlem Renaissance

The New Negro Movement (1917-1935)

Arthur DouglasPainter, Illustrator

Ella FitzgeraldMusician

Paul RobesonActor

Ethel WatersActor, Dancer

Zora HurstonWriter

Augusta SavageSculptor

Duke EllingtonMusician

Florence MillsActress, Dancer, Singer

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Dancer

Langston HughesWriter

Carl Van VechtenSupporter, Activist

W. E. DuBoisSupporter, Activist

The Verve in Harlem

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