Fabulous 1950's

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Fabulous 1950's

Fabulous 1950'sBrooke Michel Hour 7

Teen Icons

Many teenagers idolized famous singers, actors, and actresses. The famous influenced teens on what they wore, how they did their hair, and how they acted. In the 1950's, these idols changed teenagers throughout the country. Teen icons were important in the 1950's because it shaped the way teenagers acted and looked like.

"Thank you, thank you very much." said the one and only Elvis Presley. Elvis was a phenomenon. He had all the teenage boys wanting to be just like him. In the picture where he is dancing, is from one of his hits known as "Jailhouse Rock."Elvis had many hit singles that are still popular today.

Marilyn Monroe had all eyes on her. She was a model, actress, and singer. She became a major sex symbol of the 1950's. Teenage girls idolized her beauty.


Clothing in the 1950's varied throughout all ages. Teenage boys had the nickname "Greasers" because of the way they dressed. Styles have changed from then to now a days. Clothing was an important part of life because it set off an economic boom and changed culture from then on.

Boys in the 1950's tried to dress like Elvis. They often wore leather jackets with jeans. The jeans were rolled at the bottom.

Poodle skirts were very popular throughout teenage girls and women in the 1950's. The poodle skirt was designed by Juli Lynne Charlot.

In the 1950's young children usually dressed pretty nice. Young girls usually wore dresses. Young boys usually wore a nice shirt and a pair of jeans.

This is a family picture from the 1950's. Notice how the girls are wearing a skirt or dress and boys were a shirt and jeans.

Gender roles in the 1950's were very diverse. Men and women had completely different jobs. What was expected out of women was completely different then what was expected out of men. Gender roles were an important part of life in the 1950's because it lead to how women aren't just there to cook and clean but to also get a good education.

Gender Roles

Women were expected to stay home and cook for when their husband would return home.

Men were expected to go to work each day and bring the family's income home.

Another role women were expected to do was clean. They would stay home all day to cook and clean.

If a man and woman had children, the women's responsibility was to take care of the children.


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