Fables & Fairytales lessons

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Fables & Fairytales lessons

Fairy Tales & FablesImagine an adventure into the world of Fairy Tales and Fables LearnZillion Lessons ReadWorks.comCharacter "MY Life"Author's Purpose "Once Upon a Time"Setting "Out West"Plot & Theme "Casey Saves The Play" Fable - The Tiger, The Wolf & The Fox

FABLEIs a story that often has animals as characters and teaches a lesson.

How do I know the difference between a Fable and Fairytale?

FAIRY TALEOften include magic, sets good characters agains evil ones, and often start with "Once upon a time", and they end with "They lived happily ever after"

Great! How can I learn more and make my own Fable or Fairy Tale?

Great Job!click on me to go to storybird and retell the story of "The Frog Prince" only this time your going to change the characters and the setting. Choose your artwork in Storybird.com to do this.

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Do the LearnZillion lesson CharactersLZ2002 LZ2052Read and answer Q"My Life"

LearnZillionLZ1935 SettingRead and Answer Q." Out West"

LearnZillionLZ1921Plot & ThemeRead and Answer Q"Casey Saves The Play"

LearnZillionLZ1857 Authors PurposeRead and Answer Q"Once upon a Time"

The Frog PrinceA Fairytale

Learn ZillionLZ916, LZ1945Read and Answer Q."The Tiger, The Wolf and the Fox"

The Tiger, the Wolf and the Fox


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