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F. Scott Fitzgerald


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As a young man, Fitzgerald always longed for a life of luxury, wealth, and happiness. His American Dream was to be wealhy and live in a city that was full of wealth. Due to his obsession, Fitzgerald was moved to write the renowned book, The Great Gatsby. At first, the book sales were mediocre but as years past the book's name grew more popular. Some say this book was the first American Gangster story but to Fitzgerald is was his dream rolled into a book.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul Minnesota. Fitzgerald is known as one of America's greatest authors. Born to a middle-upper class family, Fitzgerald attended Princeton University. To begin his carrer, Fitzgerald wrote short stories. Fitzgerald also served in World War One but did not see combat. While serving in the war, he wrote the novel The Romantic Egotist, which was dropped by Charles Scribener's Sons publishing company.

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