F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald

By: AlyssaHoneycutt

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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great GatsbyWhen Fitzgerald decided to write this novel in 1922 it became one of his best works in which he is now known for by lots and lots of people. The novel is about a man named Jay Gatsby who is wanting to be back with Daisy Buchanan. Which is a lady that he fell in love with but had lost her five years before the novel actually starts. Jay Gatsby ends up getting out of poverty and soon becomes extremely wealthy. After that he was able to get Daisy back but in the end he ends up dying. F. Scott. Fitzgerald published his novel the year of 1925.

Tender Is the NightThe novel was published in 1934. It is a time during the late 1920s, that is about Nicole and Dick Diver who are a wealthy couple. Apparently many people admired the couple but one person stood out the most which was Rosemary Hoyt. In the novel she is a young actress who wants a lot of attention and is looking for love as well. She started to fall in love with Dick Diver and tries to get with him in which she does. Nicole and Dick Diver's "perfect marriage" begins to crumble because of this.

This Side of ParadiseThis novel is somewhat an autobiographical first novel that was written by Fitzgerald and when it was published it was a huge hit. The novel talks about a character named Amory Blaine who is in prep school and ends up going to Princeton and is unsure of what he wants to do life after college. On the Princeton campus he becomes popular and learns about love from "flappers". He soon starts to realize that his life is starting to slowly vanish in his memory over time.

The Beautiful and Damned The novel was published in the year of 1922. It is about Anthony Patch and his wife Gloria who are waiting to receive the inheritance of Anthony's grandfather's fortune. Their marriage goes under the influence of alcohol as well as wishing to become wealthy and it slowly starts to die.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The novel is about a guy named Benjamin Button who was born in 1860. When he was born he wasn't young he was an old man who starts to age backwards. Unlike most people he starts his life more worn out but when he starts to get younger he begins to grasp life. He lives the life of a young adult by going to war, running a business, falling in love, having children, going to college and prep school, and then kindergarten. However, soon enough he is back with his nurse who takes care of him.

Timeline of F. Scott FitzgeraldSeptember 24, 1896- is the day F. Scott Fitzgerald was born.1908-1910- are the years that Fitzgerald went to the St. Paul Academy and one of his first writings was put into his school's newspaper which was a detective story!November 1917- he joined the army and he thought he was going to die so he wrote “The Romantic Egotist”.June 1918- Fitzgerald was stationed at Camp Sheridan and he met and fell in love with a lady named Zelda Sayre. He got engaged with her but she broke their engagement.1920s- He moved to Minnesota and he decided to rewrite one of his novels that he wrote while at Princeton. The novel was soon published and was called This Side of Paradise. After being able to publish his works into literary magazines, he became wealthy and famous and soon married Zelda.1920s continued- Had his first child in 1921 and his wife and him named her Frances. In 1924 they moved to Riviera where he wrote Tender is the Night. He was soon looked at as a writer who wasn't responsible because of his drinking issue.1920s continued- His little family moved to France where he finished his novel The Great Gatsby that was published in 1925. In 1926 he published some of his short stories that all together were called All the Sad Young Men.1930s- Fitzgerald was trying to keep his marriage together. In 1934 he finished Tender is the Night which was the last novel that he completed. He also became an alcoholic.1930s continued- Him and Zelda split and he found a job as a script-writer in Hollywood. He fell in love with Sheilah Graham but was still an alcoholic. October 1939 he started a novel called The Last Tycoon but was not able to actually complete the novel.December 21, 1940- is the day that F. Scott Fitzgerald passed away from a heart attack.


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