Eyes of the Dragon

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Eyes of the Dragon

Eyes of the Dragon

Part 1When the queen of Delain died her son, Roland, was left with the throne. Roland was never the brightest king, in fact, often when using his head he would develop headaches and push matters off to his advisors. One problem he realized early on was that he would need an heir and his closest advisor, Flagg, suggested he find a bride before he was sterile. Although Roland has never been very sexually attracted to anything, but he ends up marrying Sasha, a girl who is just as innocent as he is, if not more so. Sasha is loved by all as she becomes a kind and compassionate queen. Eventually, Roland gets past his blocks after an eventful day of dragon slaying and Peter is conceived.Flagg is Roland’s closest advisor. Although none know this yet, Flagg is evil and his ultimate goal is to plunge Delain into “a thousand years of darkness and anarchy, give or take a year or two” (King 35). Usually, Roland would ask Flagg to give him a special potion that would help him get in the mood, but one night he asked Flagg for a double dose of the nasty liquid. This causes him to hurt Sasha out of blinded lust and collapse afterwards. That night, Sasha was impregnated with Thomas. Only hours after Thomas’ birth, Sasha is murdered by her assistant because Flagg had told her too. Her death was staged so that it appeared like she had died in labor.Peter grew to be intelligent and skilled in many areas, often casting a shadow over his younger brother. Peter was the obvious choice for king. Unlike his brother, Thomas took after his father in many ways. He was bulky from a young age and weak minded. Peter saves horses, befriends people of all classes, like his friend Ben, and is admired by many. Thomas, however, is never really accepted by his father and resents Peter for this. Thomas takes out his anger in many unhealthy ways: rejecting friendships, killing animals, and more. Flagg knew that he would not be able to manipulate Peter if he took the throne, but Thomas would work just fine. He takes advantage of Thomas’ loneliness and pretends to befriend him. He shows Thomas many secret passageways in the castle, one of which allows him to spy on his father through the mounted dragon’s head in his sitting room. One thing that Thomas notices is that Peter brings their father a cup of wine every night.

"He knew as well as we in our own world do that the road to hell is paved with good intentions--but he also knew that, for human beings, good intentions are sometimes all there are. Angels may be safe from damnation, but human beings are less fortunate things, and for them hell is always close" (King 161).

“Guilt is like a sore, endlessly fascinating, and the guilty party feels compelled to examine it and pick at it, so that it never really heals" (King 146).

“He wanted what evil men always want: to have power and use that power to make mischief” (King 34).

By Stephen King

Part 2If Roland were to die, then Peter would be king and Flagg would be out of the picture. Flagg, now beginning to realize the severity of his situation, started to devise a plan that would allow him stay in power. Flagg has known for a while that he wanted Thomas to be king, but now he knew how he was going to pull it off.Flagg planned to poison Roland and frame Peter for the murder. He waited for Peter to deliver his nightly cup of wine before bringing one of his own to king Roland. This cup, however, also contained a horrible poison that would burn a person from the inside out. Flagg also takes the precaution of planting some of the poison into a box that Peter owns. Peter was put on trial, found guilty, and Thomas was crowned as king. Peter was imprisoned in a tower that stood three hundred feet above the town plaza called “The Needle”. Although Thomas hasn’t told anyone, he was watching when Flagg brought Roland the second cup from the secret passage way.Torn apart by his mixed feelings, Thomas spent his days drunk and his nights restless, leaving Flagg to do most of the work. Flagg raises taxes and brings the kingdom to near destruction under Thomas’ name. Meanwhile, Peter had already began planning his escape. Peter asked the judge that convicted him for a napkin with every meal and his mother’s doll house, which has a small but working loom in it. With these things he is able to slowly, but surely create a rope from the napkins.

Part 3Peter was able to contact people who were still loyal or had found out the truth on their own. They agreed to aid in his escape and he told them that his rope was too short, so they would need to help him. As he is escaping, Flagg notices him through his crystal ball. Flagg rushes to Peter’s cell and cuts the rope, but Peter’s companions had set up a cart filled with napkins to break his fall. Flagg was outraged and rushed to put a stop to them as they made their way towards the castle. When Flagg arrives at the castle, Thomas is there waiting with his father’s bow and proceeds to shoot him in the eye. Flagg shrieks in pain and disappears into thin air using magic. In the end Thomas and Peter make up, Peter takes his rightful place as king of Delain, and Thomas goes on a quest to find Flagg. Eventually, Thomas is able to find Flagg, but the outcome of the encounter is never revealed.


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