Eye of the Crow

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Eye of the Crow

Malefactor is a irregular or a street urchin but vital to sherlock

The operah house sherlock and his mom went to

Sherlocks favorite news and first case

Eye of the CrowSherlock Holmes 1st case

sherlock and Irene examining the glass eye

the crows are very important because they lead sherlock to the scene of the crime and help him find "valuble" clues

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This is sherlock holmesor as malefactor calls him Master 'olmes

the muderers glass eye


Many of these events are horrific to read let alone say1 Sherlock went to jail after finding yhe murders eye2 he met a girl named Irene3 Irene helped him escape4 Sherlock went to her house5 Irene was almost run over 6 Sherlocks mom died7 Sherlock solved the case


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