Extreme Weather

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Extreme Weather

Here are some tips for staying safe during extreme weather: Tornadoes if you dont have a basement get inti a bathtub and cover yourself with a couch coushion! Snow storm: If stuck in a car hand something out of the window or antennae to get attection. Lightning: if outside stay in an open area and croch down as soon as posible.Hurincane: make sure you have enough food adn water in case you can not get to a store for a few days.Floods: get to higher ground

There are many types of Extreme Weather such as: Landslides, ocean and coastal surges, heat waves, blizzards, tornadoes, dust storms, wildfires, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and droughts.

Extreme Weather

By: Makena, Zoe, Alex, and Kaylanni

What are some of the effects of extreme weather on people?Some examples for heat waves are: fainting, sun stroke and geting a rash. For a tornadoes: you can be killed or extremely injured. For floods: you can drown. For dust storms: you can get dust pneumonia. For lightning storms: you can get electrocuted which would cause death, severe injuries, or you can become paralyzed. For lanslides: you can get killed. For hurricanes: you can get killed and ships can get blown off course. For blizzards: you could freeze to death, you can get frostbite and you can get hypothermia.

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