Extreme Water

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Extreme Water

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Some of the Worst Floods:



Introduction: Extreme Water (floods)


Extreme water

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What causes floods?Flooding can happen in lots of different ways it is not always rain that causes flooding. High rainfall is when rainfall is higher than the river banks or dams. If the water comes out of the rivers there will properly be flooding. Floods can be caused by heavy rainfall in a short about of time, the can also occur when water overflows land that is normally dry throughout the year.Snow melting because of the change of climate change in getting higher than many years ago, the ice melts in the spring and the water goes into the sea. The water from the ice goes into the sea and the level rises and makes the river rise, when the river rises flooding may occur. There a few places on Earth where people demand on floods so they can grow their crops. They man also occur from sea water flooding such as tsunamis or extreme tides. Dam failure can be triggered by an earthquake which results in flooding of the downstream flooding area. Flash floods can bring walls of water from 3 to 6 meters high.

Floods have a dark side to them. Floods can destroy families, buildings and homes. When floods have left their mark, insurance companies don’t cover the damage or they don’t do anything at all to help, but leave the people helpless. The damage floods leave behind takes weeks, months or even years to clean up. When floods happen the currents are strong enough and you have to watch out for them but also what’s under the water you have to be careful about because if cars can be swept away in less than one metre of water what else can could be swept away in a few metres.

Floods occur most commonly when water from heavy rainfall, melting ice and snow, or a combination of these, overflows from a river system or lake. They may also occur from sea water flooding such as tsunamis or extreme tides. Floods often appear without warning. These floods are called flash floods. No region or place is safe from these events and they can bring walls of water up to 7 meters high. In flash floods, the water is very powerful and can wash a car away washed in as little as 30cm of water and the damage done to houses is extreme and very expensive. There are records of floods all through history. Records of destructive floods, that destroyed the life in the flooded area (like the 1887 Yellow River flood in China which killed over 900,000 people), and there are records of helpful floods like the annual flooding of the Nile that deposited fertile soil along the surrounding floodplain, which was used for farming and was crucial to the Egyptian’s survival. Another big problem with floods is that water borne diseases spread and water supplies are contaminated. Nowadays floods are occurring more often and they are becoming more devastating. Is global warming to blame? And with sea levels rising and ice caps melting, how bad will floods be in the future?

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Floods can also be good like that they help crops grow and bring water to places that have a drought. Seasonal floods are an important source to the land. They recharge the dam levels, lakes and recharges underground aquifers. In some parts of the world they depend on seasonal floods and if it doesn’t happen it is a disaster.

Date Location Dead1887 Hwang Ho (Yellow River), China Over 900,0001939 North China 500,0001642 Kaifeng, Honan Province, China Over 300,0002011 Thailand Over 800


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