[2019] Casimir B: Extreme Climates

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Weather and Climate

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[2019] Casimir B: Extreme Climates

An image of the stunning, frozen world of Oymyakon.

Extreme Climates





By Casimir Burman

The whopping record low temperature in the world is held by Oymyakon, Russia with –96.16°F!

This small town, referred to as the “Gate of Hell”, has temperatures exceeding 94 degrees F, on a regular basis!

A picture of the scorching realm of Dallol.

The main factor why Oymyakon is the coldest place in the world is that it is just 214 miles away from the Arctic Circle!

The blazing temperature in Dallol is partly due to low elevation, low seasonality impact, no nighttime cooling, and the noxious fumes from their toxic volcanoes.

Hottest Inhabited Place

Coldest Inhabited Place

The brave kids in Oymyakon only skip school if the temperature drops below -60 degrees!


I found this link and book to be very interesting, colorful, and very informational.

A picture of the scorching mining village of Dallol.


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    An extreme type of climate is an area on land (or water) that has extreme temperature differences or weather features. https://games.lol/clash-royale/ For example, Antarctica. ... A desert can easily get to 130 deg F in the summer months, but also experience temperatures around freezing at night with little to no water year round.