Extraordinary Electricity

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Extraordinary Electricity

Extraordinary Electricity

Are you tired of your old oil lamps constantly burning out? Do you want a fast, reliable source of power that will keep your home glowing and humming? Try out electricity!

Thanks to the hard work of Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Alessandro Volta, and Michael Faraday, there is an alternative source of power to coal. The electricity generator was invented in Britain thanks to the hard work of these brilliant scientists and inventors. Electricity is harnessed in an electricity generator, where mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy. This is a complicated process which involves a copper coil of wire spinning between two poles of a magnet. This generates a magnetic field which excites the electrons in the wire. The electrons start to flow through the wire, creating electricity. This electricity travels to your home on transmission lines at more than 186,000 miles per second! The type of current moving between the generator and your home is an AC (alternating current).

This current is safe, despite the calls of outspoken protestors. This current is powerful enough to light light-bulbs - a new alternative to oil and gas lamps - and power electronic items that will make your life easier and more enjoyable, such as television. Things that people had to do by hand can now be done by electricity-powered machines such as computers and robots. This allows for a larger workforce elsewhere, resulting in more money. Finally being able to harness electricity will make our life a whole lot easier! That is a lot of power being used. These generators run on internal combustion, steam engines, and sources of renewable energy like hand-cranking, the turbulence of water, and solar energy. So don't worry - we'll have enough electricity to last for a while!

Above is the hand-crank electricity generator.

This is a video on how electricity works and is generated.

This is Michael Faraday, inventor of the electricity generator



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