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Want to earn EXTRA credit!?

Day in the Life Extra Credit Glogster

Okay, so now that I have your attention... Yes, I'm offering you 10, yes, that's right TEN extra credit points toward your midterm exam if you can accomplish the following...1. After completing your Day in the Life video project, use the Glogster account I have set up for you to design and online poster that would advertise your video production.2. Your online poster should include the title of your Day in the Life video, such as "A Day in the Life of... (your first name here)." Your online poster should also highlight key points from the video, highlights that would entice someone else to view your video.

3. Be as creative as you like with your poster. In order to earn your 10 extra credit points for this poster, make sure you also include two pictures, and at the bottom of your poster, you should also reference the type of advertising technique you used when making your poster. 4. Either before or during the exam, you must print out a copy of your online poster, so that I can see you had your extracredit complete PRIOR to finishing your exam. If I do not have a printed copy of your poster by the end of the exam on Tuesday, no extra credit points will be given.


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