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How did Extinction start?

What is Extinction?

Over the years many animals have become extinct. Yet in the earlier ages no one knew of extinction. It was only discovered when scientists noticed that many species of animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. have become scarce. Extinction even started before humans started altering the earth. But, more and more animals are becoming extinct due to humans effect on the climate and other physical cause. As we knock down forests and dry up the earth we are killing lots of creatures, big or small. As the forests disappear the animals have no home and are vulnerable to predators, this leads to extinction. This is leading to over one third of the world's species, including corals refs, wetlands, rainforests and even animals that could live in the forest across from your house.It is not just the destruction of forests that causes the extinction of animals; it is also the dumping of toxic waste, hunting, pollution and acid rain. Even pesticide contributes to extinction. As many pesticides continue working even after the expiry date. It may kill off those annoying caterpillars that eat your lettuce in your garden, but they don't die straight away they walk of and then die. They are then eaten by birds and ants when they die. Then those creatures are killed and the process continues. Nowadays, the extinction of animals has accelerated to over 400 times over the pasrt65 million years. While the effect of the extinction remains unknown, the result cannot be good for the earth.

The word extinction means no longer in existence.

and all about it

What can become Extinct?There are many other things besides animals that can become extinct. Another of such is plants, such extinct plants include the:•Erythrina schliebenii•Hawaii Chaff Flower•Encephalartos brevifoliolatus•Sumatra Dipterocarpus•Astragalus nitidiflorus•Kohala Cyanea Tree•Hakeakala Wikstroemia•Kalimantan Mango •Lotus Berthelotii•Large Dragon tree •Italian Bryophyte

Equus Quagga



Some extinct animals in include birds, as there are many extinct birds, but some of the extinct birds are:•Dodo Raphus Cumulates bird•Tasmanian Emu•Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrel•Ascension Frigatebird•Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila•Lord Howe Island Woodhen Gallirallus Sylvestris•Black-Capped Bush Shrike Malaconotus Alius•Pink-Eared Duck•Grosbeak Finch Psittirostra Kona•Commerson's Scops Owl Otus CommersoniThere are also many extinct mammals such as the:•Barbados raccoon•Cayman Brac nesophont •Eastern hare-wallaby•Grand Cayman hutia•Hensel's field mouse•Jamaican monkey•Lesser yellow bat•New Zealand greater short-tailed bat•Equus Quagga •Red fruit batThe few of the extinct reptiles are the:•Ratas Island Lizard•Réunion Giant Tortoise•Underwood's Mussurana•Saddle-backed Rodrigues Giant Tortoise•Navassa Curly-tailed Lizard•Guadeloupe Ameiva•Leiolopisma mauritiana•Jamaica Giant Galliwasp•Seychelles Black Terrapin•Typhlops carieiSome of the extinct amphibians are the:•Atelopus Vogli•Golden toad•Philautus adspersus•Philautus stellatus•Web-footed Coquí•Ptyonius•Saltenia•Vegas Valley Leopard Frog•Nannophrys guentheri•Yunnan Lake Newt


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