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Definition for Extinction:The act of extinguishing or making extinct, something that dies and is the last of it's kind. Putting an end to something. No longer living or existing.


Causes of Extinction-Extinctions can be caused in many ways depending on the area and type of animal. One of the most common reasons/causes of extinction are habitat losses of animals. Poachers are bad, bad people. They kill rare animals just for a bucket load of money. They sell it on the black market.

The Stats:Some scientists estimate that up to half of presently existing species may become extinct by 2100.

Anything living can be destroyed forever. This is called extinction. Extinction comes from creation because if nothing was created than there would be no such thing as extinction. Extinction is becoming a bigger problem as many species of animals are becoming extinct. Lots of animals are rare and need protection.

A species will become extinct when the last one of it's kind dies. Here are some examples:1.Tasmanian Wolf2. Quagga3. Tasmanian Tiger4. Stellar's Sea Cow5. Irish Deer6. Caspian Tiger7. Aurochs8.Great Auk9. Cave Lion10. Dodo11. Haast Eagle12. Marsupial Lion13. Wooly Rhinoceros

They are all causing extinction! Bad People!

Taking Animals for Profit

Hunting and Trapping


Introduced Species

Destruction of Habitat


What can be done to stop extinction?All of the things listed below have to be stopped. Especially the destruction of habitats. We can increase

Reasons For Extinction



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