Extinction Of Animals In Pakistan

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Extinction Of Animals In Pakistan

The European Otter is eating fishes.

This newspaper is to raise awareness to stop extinction towards any animals, (European Otter) is one.

Extinction of Animals

Introduction of Extinct AnimalsIn Pakistan and other areas in Asia their are a lot of animals which are getting extinct, The whole of Asia's animal extinction is turning out to become a daily routine/habit. The animals habitat's are being cut, they are being killed for their skin and even more. I am here to raise awareness towards the people who are doing these bad actions. Their is a list of these extinct animals, I am here to talk about a big problem of animal migration from Europe to Asia. The specific animal that have migrated because of extinction is the European Otter.

European Otter ExtinctionThe European Otter's have been extinct so much in Europe that some of them scattered around Europe and some migrated all the way to Asia. The European Otter's are now more safe but what about Society? not only the human society of Asia but the Animal Population as well. The society could be impacted very rapidly because all of the humans would not expect a european animal to be in Asia so out of fear they would kill the European Otter's. So many bad actions could occur just because of this one bad action that some of the European Humans have done. Right now, In Europe, the European Otters are being extinct out of fear.

Impact towards Society because of European Otter ExtinctionWhat is the Impact?Well their is a lot of impact because of the extinction of the European Otters. For example, The society is impacted because they are scared of this new type of species to be in Asia. This is one reason why the Animals also can get impacted because the humans can get scared and than kill the European Otters. The impact is also towards the animals besides the European Otters. For example the other animals can get scared and then migrate to other places which will scare the other humans as well. The other animals will not have any food or water because the European otters will be having the food and water. The reason the European Otters had migrated to Asia from Europe was because they didn't have enough food (fishes) because the humans were eating them from that specific place where the Otters were.'

A european otter token away from its home.


By: Zamir Salman


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European Otter living it's life.


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