External Events That Affect Singapore Before World War 2

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External Events That Affect Singapore Before World War 2

Industrail RevolutionThe Industrial Revolution started in Britain then move to the different part of the world. It took place in 18th century. 2 main inventions is the machines and the steamshipGoods were originally hand-made before the invention of machine. It would take them a long time to produce goods and it is only enough for themselves. New machines are invented during the 18th century. The spinning machine speed up the time to make a clothe. This make there more clothes produced than hand-sew. Fossil fuels was heated up inside the steam-powered engine which will heat up the water to steam which create pressure. The pressure that came from the steam will power up the engine. This make people build steamships and coal-powered trains The Industrail Revolution caused the Europeans sailed to the new markets set up in Asia to buy the raw resources and to sell their machinery goods. Sailing could be faster and do not need to depend on the wind anymore. Throughout the year, the ship could sail to the Far East. More ships came to Singapore which made Singapore an important port of call. This caused more ships to stop in Singapore so tat they can refuel and replenish their resources on board. More ships coming to Singapore also lea to more goods being trade between Europe and Asia. This caused Singapore to be an important trading center to import and export goods.. Asian traders also use the steamships to help distribute their goods to other part of Singapore. Improve in communications. Steamship travels faster than normal ships. The time taken to pass message was shortened. Using normal ships would take about 150 days to pass message. Steamships would taken about 35 days to pass message. Singapore was brought closer to Europe and the other parts of the world

4 External Events that happen before World War 2 is the Industrail Revolution,Opening of the Suez Canal,World War and the Great Depression

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Opening of the Suez Canal


The Suez Canal help to transport goods and new resources from Europe to Asia.It is created by a French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps opened the Suez Canal at 1869. The Suez Canal is a canal linking from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. The Suez Canal had increased the safety of European traders to move to Cape of Good Hope . It is a very long journey so it is very dangerous because of unpredictable weather. It reduced the time taken to travel from Britain to Singapore by 120 to 50 days Singapore’s Role was improved because of the opening of the Suez Canal. More European ships sailed past the Straits of Malacca and stop by Singapore to refuel and replenish their resources as the distance between Europe and Singapore was shortened. As a port-of-call, Singapore has done it’s role. The old harbor don’t have enough space to facilitate the amount of ships at the port because of the increase in the trade activities. The water in the old harbor is also very shallow which made it not a s suitable one. Another Harbor was built in 1852. It is a suitable one because it is deep and there is also protection from storms. By sailing up right to the shore, it can hold large number of ships and steamships.. The harbor was named Keppel Harbor in the 20th century. The Singapore Harbor Board set up to improve the port facilities. This made there more wharves, docks, warehouses and machine shops constructed around there. There are also technology like forklifts, cranes, tractors etc. to help move the cargo in between the port and the ship. They also constructed a railway track to connect Singapore’s port to Penang Pensula• Promote Trade. Since the time taken to travel was shortened, the cost of the shipping cargoes and documents also reduced. When there is both a reduction in cost and time, traders could transport their goods to Asia and to import more of the raw resources to Europe



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