Extermination Camps

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Social Studies
World War II

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Extermination Camps

Extermionation Camps

“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.” ― Yehuda Bauer

Extermination CampsImagine being told that you were going to take a shower with thousands of strangers. While trapped in there, gas is used instead of water. This is how thousands of people were killed. These chambers were made to kill thousands of people in a short time. You would think that the people who were killed in these chambers where criminals of unspeakable crimes, but in fact all of the people who were gassed were innocent! They were killed either because of their looks or their beliefs. All of this was created by one person: Adolf Hitler.

Why I chose this topicI chose this topic because it is important to end discrimination. Extermination camps were made to kill people because of their differences. I wanted to learn more about extermination camps so I decided to choose it as my topic. It helped educate me about extermination camps and how evil people can be. Also, I feel that even though this happened many years ago, it is an important topic to learn about no matter how many years later. This topic maybe shocking and upsetting to hear or learn about, but it helped me see where we once were and where we are now. It showed me that we learn and are still learning from our mistakes, but we should not go back.

Facts about Extermination Camps The first extermination camp was Chelmno, located in Poland. This extermination camp was opened some time in December of 1941. At first they were gas vans but eventually they became large rooms in the concentration camps. While you were trapped in these vans, they would drive to grave sights as you breathed in poisonous gas. These vans had a tank full of gas attached to the van that would be put into the vans instead of oxygen. All of the windows and doors were locked so there was no way to get fresh air. In Auschwitz, there were four gas chambers where six thousand people, mostly Jews, were killed each day. At one gas chamber alone, 900,000 Jewish people lost their lives. After the people were gassed, they would then burn the bodies because it was easier than burying them. Sometimes, they would dig a big trench and place hundreds ,even thousands of bodies in there. You would think that only soldiers would be doing all of this, but some concentration workers were regular citizens. They would be forced to keep all of the panicking people in line and they also helped bury or burn the bodies. While people were being gassed, they would take their clothing and distribute it to the people just arriving on the trains. If you were unable to work, you were sent to extermination camps to be killed in a few hours or days. Most of the time, the disabled, elderly, or young children were sent to these camps.

Importance today This is still an important topic today even though death camps happened eighty- three years ago. There is a saying about how history repeats itself, but the Holocaust is not a part of history that we want or need to repeat. We need to know about this topic and learn from the tragic event so that this history will never repeat itself. If we do not learn about the Holocaust, it could very well happen again because we would not know any better. In order to stop things like the Holocaust from repeating, we need to know why and what happened so we can end it before millions of lives are lost again.

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