Extended Thinking

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Extended Thinking

Students are selecting a problem based on the learning outcomes that we are currently studying. Each of the problems are designed to target one of the eight intelligences by the product required to complete the adventure. After choosing their adventure, students then choose their difficulty track. As the teacher, I will act as advisor and faciliator to the students as they choose their problems and difficulty tracks and provide appropriate support as students work to complete their problem.


Choose Your Own "Adventure!"

Get inspired


1) Choose your problem from the Choice Board.Rationale: Students are choosing their own adventure based on their interest and learning style.(question & products hit different intelligences)2) Choose your level of difficulty:Level 1-2-3.Rationale: Students are choosing their difficultly, much like choosing an easy, intermediate, or advanced course or trail. As a teacher, I can provide guidance by pushing students to reach higher than they feel comfortable or support those that are already stretching.

Tiered Activitiesinclude offering students options in completing questions, tasks, and so on, of various ability levels. This ensures that students explore ideas at a level that builds on their prior knowledge and stimulates realistic growth. For example, students working in cooperative groups can choose to complete questions (A,B, or C) on a specific task with which they feel most comfortable.



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