Expository Essay

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Language Arts

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Expository Essay

3) Organize your ideas clearly using paragraphs.

1) Your topic should be clear throughout the essay.

2) You should have a thesis statement in the 1st paragraph (a statement that entails what your paper is about).

Choose one of the following prompts to write about.1) Explain why some teens/people turn to drugs.2) Explain the effects that music or sports have on people (choose either music or sports).3) Explain what makes a great teacher.4) Explain what it means to be a real hero. 5) Explain how technology has affected our lives.

Today you will be writing a 1-2 page expository essay. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate your writing skills.

Expository Pre Writing

We will discuss expository writing further next week. Remember this is a pre-assessment to test your writing skills before we start learning about expository writing.



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