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This story, althoguh very interesting, has a very simple setting. It doesn't consist of many settings, whereas the questions that taunt the characters constantly and drama, and problems are many! So, to give some background, the time period is basically very recent, the 21st century. It also takes place in Atlanta, Georgia in an all-American University. Most of the tension/conflict takes place in the new "Muslim" dorm.

Personallay, I've loved this story so far. I think it's so unique, and it has a remarkable plot that I've never seen before. To me, it truly showed me the signifigance of being a Muslim, and a pride one holds with it. To give some background, it is a novel telling a story of a girl, Tamika, who is an African American sophomore at an American University. She lives with two roommates, both Muslim. Tamika dreams of becoming a famous singer one day, but after getting into a fight with a roommate, things don’t start to look so bright for Tamika. After the fight, she is forced to move out of the room, and moves in with two Muslims, one who is religious, and one who is malcontented with Islam. Tamika suddenly becomes connected to Durrah, who later reveals her passion for singing. Durrah is a model and singer of the campus, and has many admirers. Aminah, the other roommate, is quietly performing da’wa both to Durrah and Tamika, although Durrah is already Muslim, and is succeeding. Tamika becomes fascinated with the religion, and starts thinking thinking twice about things.

Antagonist: Makisha Protagonist: Tamika

Exposition for:"If I Should Speak"By Umm ZakiyyahGlogster Created By:Reem Ameiche+Ammaarah Salie

If I Should Speak " consists of many people who make the story important, and who play a big role, more importantly in Tamika's life. So, here are some chracters that you should keep in mind when reading the story. Some characters include:- Tamika: The main character of the story. She is confused with herself as to if she should convert to Islam, considering she is extremely influenced by her two Muslim roommates.-Aminah: Tamika's new Muslim roommate who althoguh is religious and strict, obtains some great values/characteristics. She is like the Mother of the dorm.-Durrah/Dee: Tamika'a other new Muslim roommate who is malcontented with Islam. She is the campus model/singer, and she has many admirers, Tamika being one of them. Later on in the story, she reveals her passion for singing. - Makisha: Tamika's best friend who tells her to keep her distance from Aminah and Durrah, afraid of them converting her best friend. - Dr. Sanders: Tamika's Religion class teacher who loves her, and understands her hardships.- Jennifer: Tamika's old roommate who got into a fight, which got Tamika charged of "physical assalut" and a new dorm to live in with the two Muslims.

To me, this story obtains so many important life-long lessons. There were actually so many things I read about in the book that seemed significant to me; things that just poped out, and that are so wonderful about Islam. Although our class hasn't quite finished the book yet, there are so many morals I have learned already. Some of these morals include sacrifice, friendship, and loyalty. This demonstrates sacrifice because Tamika is dedicating time and energy towards seeking knowledge from Islam. This demonstarates friendship because in the story, Aminah and Dee are slowly befriending Tamika, and since Tamika and Dee are somewhat mislead, Aminah is performing da'wa secretly. This shows a sign of friendship. And lastly, this novel showed loyalty because Aminah is playing the role of a part-time guide to Tamika, who is open to any questions and mini lessons to persuade Tamika.



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