Exponents and Fractions

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Exponents and Fractions

for exponents you do number*number*numberfor number/\3for fractions you do numerator times numerator and denominator times denominator 7/1 x 6/9

Example I, Exponents10x10x10x10x10x1010/\6Example II, Fraction ( x \) 1/5 x 2/7 = 2/356/9 x 7 = 42/9 or 4 2/3

Exponents, Fractions, and More.

Example III, Fractions (+,-)2/4 + 2/82/4 + 1/43/4Example IV, Mixed Number (+,x)2 1/3 + 7 2/614/6 + 44/658/6 or 9 2/31 2/7 X 3 9/1418/14 X 51/1418X51 14X14

Example V, PerimeterFor Perimeter, you do side+side+side+side.Example VI, AreaFor area you do length times widthExample VII, VolumeYou do either legnth times width times height.Or Base Area(l x w) times heightArea is in square units, while volume is in cubic units

Example VIII, Surface AreaDo area 6 times with lxwx2, lxhx2, wxhx2 add them up for surface area.Example IX, AnglesA Right Angle is a 90 degree angle.An Acute Angle is anything less than 90 degrees.An Obtuse Angle is anything that is between 90 and 180 degrees.(91-179)


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