Exploring Dwarf Planets

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Exploring Dwarf Planets

All About The Solar System:The Solar System is an interesting place. Our solar neighborhood has a lot of mysterious planets, moons, beautiful comets that fly throughout space,and so much more that I cant even count!The Solar System is a place that planets orbit the Sun. On the other hand, in addition to planets.The Solar System also includes moons, glamorous comets, fast asteroids running through space, minor planets, and dust and also gas.Everything in the Solar System goes around the Sun. The flaming hot, yet boiling Sun has about 98%of all the material in the Solar System.Which the larger the object is there more gravity it has. So, since the Sun is very gigantic the powerfull gravity pulls other objects towards the Solar System towards it. But since the gravity is pulling object like: planets, toward the Sun. The objects try to fly away from the Sun, the same time while being pulled by gravity to the Sun. A result is that they become trapped halfway. And in conclusion the objects, and planets spend eternity orbiting around the Sun, or as I would say in my oppinion a parent star!

Brrrr.. mammyyy nanname i..is PLUTO!

Dwarf PlanetsAll About Pluto:Did you know this dwarf planet was the first ever planet to be named by a kid! When the Dwarf planet was dicovered in the year of 1930 an eleven year old child that lived in Oxford, England. Suggested that this new amazing yet wonderful planet to be named Pluto. In which Pluto is a Roman god of the scary ferousious underworld. This girl was named Venetia Burney. On the other hand her grand father has been able to sent this idea to an observatroy called Lowell Observatory. And luckily, the name of the planet that the young girl had been thinking of had been accepted! As a fact, Pluto is so small that it is smaller then 7 other planets and moons in the solar system. For example Earths moon. Since Pluto is so small many scienctists believe that Pluto is not actually a planet at all! In the year 1999 scientists had decided to make Pluto a comet. Seven years later. On the month of August 24th they anounced that Pluto will now be called Pluto the Dwarf Planet. Pluto's Moons: Pluto has two wonderful brilliant moons, called Charon and Nix. First of all Charon and Pluto looked alike with the same colour the same size, you get the picture.But in year of 1978 a person named Jim Christy had discovered what we used to think was one object in space is actually two. Astronmers have thought this because Charon and Pluto was very close to each other,which made them think was one dwarf planet. Nix is the other moon of Pluto, which is discovered in the year of 2003. On the other hand,, Pluto is about two to three times farther than Pluto's large moon called Charon which was discovered in the glorious year of 1978. All About Makemake:Makemake was first dicovered in the same year as the moon Nix, which is in the year of 2005 by a team of smart astronomers that were led by a name Michael Brown. After 3 years had past the planet Makemake was officially called Makemake a dwarf planet. Because, of a frozen ethen and methan that was on Makemake including evidence of tholins. Tholins are molecules that form whenever a particular solar of light mixes together with substances such as ethane and methane. Tholins, usually caused a reddish-brown color of Makemake. During observations of Makemake, a wierd alien like reddish color was observed, and that was how Makemake's colour is reddish colour.Makemake's moon:No moon. All About Ceres:Ceres is discovered in the year of 1801 in January 1. It was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi yet for many long long years that have past Ceres was considered a planet. But, it is the only object in the orbits of Neptune which changes the astronomers thinking from a planet to a dwarf planet. This took place in the International Astronomical Union. Ceres Moon:Ceres have no moon.

Hey, bro my name is Ceres!



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