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Peter Minuit was born in Wesel, Germany, in 1580. He was the first director of New Amsterdam. Peter became famous when he bought the island of Manhattan, which is now New York, USA. He was a Dutch explorer and governor of a company called the Dutch West Indian Company. His name could also be spelled Peter Minnewit. Minuit was sailing to the Caribbean to pick up a load of tobacco and was lost in the hurricane at the age of 58. His ship, which made it back without him, was called the Kalmar Nyckel.


1613 - Married Gertrude Raedts1626 - Bought "New York"1631 - Dismissed from the company 1638- Led a group that founded New Sweden1638 - Lost in a hurricane in Caribbean

Peter Minuit funded his own exploration. The importance of his discoveries was that he found new land for now and helped find New York. He encountered very few problems on his fluid journey, but some were: hurricanes, storms, and huge crashing waves. Otherwise, his exploration was successful.

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Minuit's purpose, or objective, was to find land and maybe some valuable objects. He also simply wanted to obey his company's demands.


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