[2015] Mohammed Vora: explorer report by Hassan

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[2015] Mohammed Vora: explorer report by Hassan

SameulDe Champlain

Early Life and FactsHe was born in 1574 Brouage, France.he died on December 25, 1635 from a long illness.He was an early cartorapher for the Atlantic Coast.He became governer of New France in 1620.He was born Protestant but Converted to Catholisism.First explored with his uncle to places as far as Asia.From 1601 to 1603 he was a cartographer for the Atlantic Coast.

Exploration PeriodHe sailed to the Spanish colonies in North America a lot.In 1603 he sailed to North America on Francis Grave Du Pont's expedition and he saw Quebec.He returned to Quebec with the hope that he could find the North West Passage and quickly went back to France with no success.In 1604 he returned to Qeubec on Pierre de Monte's expedition.For three years after that he explored nearby places.

In 1605 he started his own Colony in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.In 1608 he started the first permanent French colony which was a fur trading station but it wasn't very succesful since the Frennch weren't used to the bitter cold of Canada.

Sam's Colonies

Sameul De Champlain was often called "the father of New France" because he did such a good job helping to colonize New France.He founded the Canadian city of Qeubec and set up the laws and congress.


potrait of


Sameul De Champlain was born in 1574.

Sameul De Champlain was a cartographer for the Atlantic Coast from 1601 to 1603.

Sameul De Champlain started his first colony in 1605.

Sameul De Champlain started his second colony in 1608 which was originally meant as a fur trading center.

Sameul De Champlain went on his first expedition in 1603.

Sameul De Champlain became governer of New France in 1620.

Sameul De Champlain died in 1635.

Summary of the Life of Sameul De ChamplainSameul De Champlain, a explorer, achieved many things. He started off as a cartographer of the Atlantic Coast and then went on an expedition where he saw Quebec. After the expedition, he went back to Quebec to explore. He then returned to France and discossed Quebec with his friends and family. Then he returnrd one last time and established a economy and laws. He went on to being the Governer of New France and started two colonies. He died in 1635 which was followed by a long illness. As you can see, Champlain achieved many things.



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