Explorer Glog Project,(Assignment),History

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Explorer Glog Project,(Assignment),History

Choose an explorer from the following list to create a Glog about:Christopher ColumbusFerdinand MagellanGiovanni da VerrazanoHenry HudsonHernan CortesJacques CartierJohn CabotJuan Ponce de LeonRobert de LaSalleSamuel de Champlain


Creat Glog About:An Explorer

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1) Include your explorer's name and at least one picture of him 2) Include your explorer's birth date and death date, country of birth, as well as the country he sailed for, and a picture of the flag of that country3) Describe the purpose and main events of his main journey. Tell why he went on his main exploration. Describe where his trip started, where he traveled, and what he found or saw.4) Describe the crew and the ships or other transportation your explorer used and include a picture of the ships.5) Include a map that shows the route your explorer took.



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