Explorer Don Juan Ponce de Leon

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Explorer Don Juan Ponce de Leon

Born in San Servas, Don Juan Ponce de Leon belonged too a very noble family. were When he was a boy he spent most of his time working for a soldier who was in the war. He later became the governer of Puerto Rico. But when Christopher Columbus died all hi land that he had found went to his son Diego Columbus. Columbus had found Puerto Rico and Diego wanted to replace Juano Ponce de Leon with another governer. Then King Ferdinand stepped in and put Ponce de Leon bak as governer. The first thing he did was put the other governer in prison. He was governor for a few years and then Diego Columbus took the matter to the court. The king beleived in Ponce de Leon but the court took the side of Diego. So he got replaced again and to his suprise it was the same governor he had put in jail the years before. He started lying about Ponce de Leon right away saying that we was a dishonest and bad governer. He felt so humiliated so King Ferdinand sent him to discover new island waiting to be found.


14 74- Birth Year1492 - Columbus first voyage1493 - Making Colonies in the Carribean Islands1508 - Permission granted to colonize Puerto Rico1510 - Settlement of Caparra, Puerto Rico completed1521 - Death of Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon was the governor of Puerto Rico in Mexico and colonized the Carribean Islands.He also found Pascua de Florida in America and claimed it for the Spanish. During one of his voyages he also discovered the Gulf Stream that helped other travelers and explorers get back to Spain faster than usual.

Lasting Impact

Ponce de Leon found Florida and named it after the spanish name, Pascua de Florida, the land of flowers. He also found the Gulf Stream during one of his voyages.


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Explorer Don Juan Ponce de Leon




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