[2015] sarah jones (Neibert 4): Explore The Glaciers

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[2015] sarah jones (Neibert 4): Explore The Glaciers

Explore the Glaciers Sarah Jones Alaska

The Matanuska glacierOne of the most beatifull glaciers in ALska.It's about two hours north of the Anchorage.There are 12 campsites and trails there.

Prince William Sound Glaciers60 mile south of Anchorage. Its more of a protected area with generall clamer seas. Also on the east side of the kenai peonsula, its the largest port in valdez.

The Malaspina Glaciercovers apporximately 850 sq miles on the flat coastal fore land of south Alaska 2,000feet thick. At least 825 and possibly 1,00 feet below sea leveal. Situated at the head of the Alaska Panhandle. 65km wide and 45km long.

Unique Features In The Area -Valley Glaciers -Moraines-Cirques-Gacial Trough -Aretes-Gacial Trough

Features Your Most Likely Are Going To See-Valley Glaciers -Ice sheets -Layeral Moraines-Gacial Trough

Erosional Features:-Cirques:irregularities in the side of moutnains that are subbbbsquently enlarged by frost wedging and plucking along the sides and bottom of the glacier.-Arretes Valleys:when two corries form next to each other, and their adjacent walls are eroded backwards until they meet, a narrow and pointed rock ridge is forced -U-shaped Valley: Valleys that are fromed when glaciers travels across and down a slope, carving the valley by the action of scouing.-Hanging Valley: The main glaicer crodes a deep U-shaped valley with nearly vertical sides while the tributary glaicer, with a smaller valume of ice, makes a shallow u-shaped valley since the surface of the glaciers were originally at the same elevation, the shollower valley appers to be hanging above the main valley.

Worthington glacierLocated in spectacluar Thompson pass 28 miles North of valdez. on richardson highway. a popular stop along richardson highway and alows people to veiw a glacier.

Depositonal featuresMoranies- material left behind by a moving glacier.Glacially striated- glaciated regions the rock glacier surfaces will show signs of ice movement over years.Kettle holes- created when buried blocks of glacier ice melt out.Glacial till deposits- an advancing ice sheet carries and abundance of rock that was plucked from the underlying bedrock.


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