Exploratory French Course

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Exploratory French Course

French Exploratory Course Professeur: Mme. Barentineemail:  Outline of French Learning: Week One: Alphabet, Greetings & Salutations l'Alphabet, les Salutations & les Courtoisies Activity: Name Bingo Speaking & Spelling Francophone World/Countries & Continents les Pays du Monde et la Francophonie Activity: Map Coloring & Labeling Week Two: Classroom Objects, Expressions & Commands les Objets, les Expressions & les Ordres en Classe Activity: "I Spy" Game Numbers to 1,000; Math Expressions les Nombres et les Expressions Mathématiques Activity: Numbers Bingo Week Five: Colors & Time Expressions les Couleurs et l'Heure Activity: Clocks Listening Labeling/Coloring of Body of Clock
 Days, Months, Calendar les Jours, les Mois, le Calendrier Activity: Making a Month of the Year Calendar Week Six: France Geography & the City of Light la Géographie de la France et la Ville de Lumière Activity: Map Labelling/Coloring Weather & Seasons le Temps et les Saisons Activity: Mots Croisés & Weather Reading/Writing Week Seven: Clothing les Vêtements Activity: Magazine Photos Description & Race/Competition Body Parts les Parties du Corps Activity: "Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" Song Week Eight: Family Members la Famille Activity: Family Tree Drawing Animals & Pets les Animaux Activity: Mots-Cachés & Animal Sounds in French Sports & Leisure Activities les Sports et les Loisirs Activity: TV5 Activity with Video & French Sports Broadcast Week Nine: Food la Nourriture Activity: "À Table" Video & Making a French Menu House Vocabulary la Maison Activity: House Labelling & TV5 Video "Chez Moi" Culminating French Culinary Day & French Film Viewing Activities: Sharing of Booklet about myself, I can talk about or describe: • My name & age • Where I am from • My family members • My pets • My favorite sports or activities • My favorite colors • My house or apartment • My birthday • My favorite weather and season • My favorite foods • My clothing • Places I would like to travel using the French language


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