Exploration and Early Americans

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Exploration and Early Americans

It began with the Vikings’ brief stint in Newfoundland circa 1000 A.D. and continued through England’s colonization of the Atlantic coast in the 17th century, which laid the foundation for the United States of America. The centuries following the European arrivals would see the culmination of this effort, as Americans pushed westward across the continent, enticed by the lure of riches, open land and a desire to fufill the nation’s manifest destiny.

Vocab Words

1.) Hunter Gathers- a person who hunts animals and gather wild plants2.) Teepees- cone shaped shelters made out of buffalo skin3.) Migration- the movement of people from one region to another4.) Totems- images of ancestors carved into wooden poles5.) Columbian Exchange- the transfer of plants,animals, and diseases6.)New world- The European name for lands int yhe Western Hemisphere7.) Convert- to change from one belief to another


1.) How did early americans reach America from Asia?2.)What was the Columbian exchange?3.)Which European nation was the first to extablish colonies in North America?4.)Who was the first to come over to the New World?5.)Which country was the first to bring slavery to the new world?

Exploration and Early Americans

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