Explicitly Teaching Vocabulary - Anne van der Graaf

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Explicitly Teaching Vocabulary - Anne van der Graaf

All of the outcomes require vocabulary to be used in a way that makes sense to the speaker/writer as well as to their audience

Yes! I 'know' that word! I can use it and explain its meaning!

The Importance of Teaching Vocabulary Explicitly

Some important references:'Vocabulary' a paper by Anne Bayetto, Flinders University http://www.appa.asn.au/projects/Vocabulary-article.pdfPETAA publication e:update 012 Cloze Encounters by Paul Dufficy'Designing Learning for diverse classrooms' by Paul Dufficy

OUTCOMESWe are learning to understand the importance of teaching vocabulary regularly and explicitly.This is because our students will not acquire vocabulary without mindful conversations.We need to think about which words to teach and ways to teach them.

This cross stage 2/3 class ranges from cluster 3 to cluster 11 on the literacy continuum for vocabulary. All have moved forward 1 to 3 levels for vocabulary since the beginning of this year.


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