Explicit instruction of vocabulary

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Explicit instruction of vocabulary


Explicit instruction of vocbulary to support comprehension"



1. Identify critical vocabulary to be taught prior to reading text (majority of words should be tier 2 vocabulary).2. Project words and ask: has anyone heard of this word? who has an idea about what it means? does anyone know exact meaning?3. Practice decoding the word: look at word parts; prefixes/suffixes look for small words in big word choral read the word (with teacher prompting and without)4. Discuss word and complete Frayer model organizer use picures and have students group respond to the prompt; example or non-example? have students turn and talk for 30 seconds to relate the word(s) to their own personal experience have students draw an illustration for the word(s) have students complete the Frayer Model independently5. Add words to word wall6. Read text calling attention to new words as they are encountered

Great video demonstrating explicit instruction of vocabulary!

Decoding strategies to use!