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1.- wear safety lensess and gloves.2.- Make an incision on both sides of the heart.3.- Make a third incision on the centre, you should be able to open the heart like a chest.4.- Explore the 4 cameras of the heart with your fíngers.5.- Carefully drop the heart and gloves to the garbage also clean the table of any fluids.

Campus Chiapas:Ivana Valls Chávez A01173122Campus Tampico:Bryan Lewis Naumov Brunel A01410991Campus Matamoros:Victoria Margarita Mizrachi Chávez A00516972Campus Cuidad de MéxicoMiguel González Hernández A01650039

- Disection scissors  - Heart- Gloves- Glasses



The heart is the muscle in charge of pumping blood to all the body, it pumps an overal quantity of 10 litters in a minute, is divided in 4 chameras in which the blood gets inside the heart, the blood gets oxigenated and finally it goes to all the body Conclusion  Miguel: In my particular situation it's usefull for me to know how the heart is structured and how it works becouse I am going to study medicine, and knowing this it will help me to make the desition of what I am going to specialize, also I found out the importance of the heart and how we must take care of it, it's an amazing little machine that keeps us alive beating without rest and to thank him, we must rest between 7 and 10 hours and make cardio. Victoria: Even though in 2nd semester I had already dissected a cow heart it was still awesome to see a lamb's heart, not just becouse it was smaller but also becouse it was softer than the one form cow. I liked the whole explanation of the doctor because during the procedure I could apply the knowledge that i just acquired. Bryan: My conclusion is that we learned about what it's inside the heart of an animal and it's very important that we have to take care about it because it has to be working at 100% because it can't stop, is one of the most important organ of the body, and this class was very interesting about that because is awesome to see with your own eyes the heart and that you can open and explore all inside it. Ivana: At first i didn't knew what to expect from the activity of opening the heart. I was nervous and anxious at the same time, as the time pass the doctor gave the explanation about the procedure and basic functions of the heart I started to feel motivated and curious about the whole thing. When I first saw the heart I was amazed by it. How can an organ that isn' t that big be so vital to every living being. While we opened it I was more and more curious, I searched for all the things that the doctor said in the presentation and looked at it closely. I really liked this experience, the whole thing. I would do it again.

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HEART DISECTIONTecnológico de MonterreyScience and Man Miss. Irene Sánchez Houston, USA



Be able to see and explore the 4 sections of the heart


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