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Our Question


What did we do?



Our Equipment

Our Prediction

What we think will happen?

We predicted that the concrete would contain the stream and the stones would block the flooding. The trees would soak up the water quicker than just having it drain off.


What happened & Why?

The concrete and the trees caught or soaked up most of the water, although some water made surrounding soil moist. The plants and the soil stayed in the same place. As you can see, the farmer should use our method and he won't lose money or crops.

Our method was to fill part of the paint tray with soil and the other part with the tinfoil. Afterwards, water would go inside the the tinfoil(which represented concrete). Once we filled it with water and soil, we would place rocks aroud the farmer's property and along the sides of the river. Next we planted trees around the rocks on his property adn placed sticks below them to represent roots. Finally, we planted his crops on his property.

A stream cuts through a local farm on the same land where he grows his crops. Over the last several years, heavy rains have eroded the stream and flooded his land killing his crops. Develop a plan with a model that you can test to slow or stop the rapid rate of erosion and flooding.

- rocks - tin foil - mini trees and crops - soil

- water - paint tray - can/ bottle (rain)


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