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Science for Students with Special Needs



Our Equipment


Our Prediction

We believe that it is easier than most educators think to make accommodations for and include students with learning disabilities.

We examined the need for special education accommodations in the science classroom. Within this field, we discovered modifications that could be made for children with all types of learning disabilities- from autism to visual impairments.

* Lessons based on themes help students with mild disabilities focus on a few important ideas rather than getting lost in the details.* In addition to instructional modifications and emphasis on study skills, it helps students to provide them with test-taking strategies.* Mnemonic devices, such as picture cues, keywords, and acronyms, are also beneficial to help with student memory and reflection.* Visual representational models are useful for students withprocessing and reading comprehension difficulties.* Teachers need to model the behaviors and strategies they want their students to follow.

It is especially important for general education science teachers to collaborate with special education teachers to modify and prepare for students with special needs.


Experiments that include kinesthetic learning environments are important for students with learning disabilities- in particular, those with autism or blindness.


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