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Choose A Topic



Design an Experiment


My Prediction

What I think will happen?

1) Choose a topic that interests you.2) Choose a topic that can be completed in the amount of time that you have available.3) Click here for a list of ideas.4) Click here for a survey to help you choose a topic that is just right for you.5) Write a question about your topic that you will answer with your experiment.

1) Collect sources from the web and your library to find background information about your topic. Don't forget to check WorldBook Online. Your librarian can help you use the section on science fair projects. Click here for a safe search engine.2) Use a composition book as your lab notebook.3) In your lab notebook keep a record of the sources that you use to give credit to the authors 4) In your lab notebook take notes that you can use to write an introduction for your science paper that you will write and include with your project. This introduction will tell everyone about your topic and why it is important to study.5) Write a HYPOTHESIS. This is what you think will happen in your experiment. This is what you think will be the answer to your question.

to Answer Your Question



1) Share the procedure of your experiment with a parent or guardian to make sure safety is followed. 2)Collect materials that you need. Make a list of these materials in your lab notebook.3) Like a recipe or outline, record the steps of your experiment in your lab notebook. 4) Run your experiment and record your observations as data in your lab notebook.5) Take pictures if you want to place these on your display board.

Write Your Paper

1) The first page of your paper can be a title page.2) The remaining pages of your paper will include sections in this order; the Introduction (the end of this section should state why you are doing this experiment and what question is being answered), the Materials ' Procedure, the Results (data charts and pictures), Analysis ' Conclusion (what does the data tell us and why). Accept or reject your hypothesis. 3) Make your display board.


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