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Experiment Template

When you drop a piece of dry ice into the hot water, the gas that you see is a combination of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

EXPERIMENTFlip the cup upside down and trace the quarter onto the bottom of the plastic cup using the pen. Try to make the circle as close to the center of the cup as you can.Ask an adult for assistance with this part. Using the scissors or knife, cut out the circle you traced onto the bottom of the cup.Place a sheet of plastic wrap or a freezer bag on a flat surface. Trace the top of the plastic cup onto the plastic wrap or freezer bag. Use the circle you traced as a guide, but cut out a circle the is 1" to 2" wider than the circle you traced. This extra space will come in handy. (If you are using plastic wrap, you will need to do this twice to ensure that it is strong enough.)Stretch the piece of plastic you just cut out over the top of the cup. Keep the plastic in its place over the top of the cup using the rubberband.Pour 1 - 2 oz of warm (not boiling) water into the cup. Pour the water into the quarter sized hole you cut in the bottom of the cup.


DescriptionYou may have heard us use the terms "kitchen science" or "kitchen chemistry" in the past. What that means is that we tell you how you can use stuff in your kitchen to perform some really cool science. These cool Mini Smoke Ring Launchers are no exception. Everything you'll need is right there in your kitchen (or your local grocer/supermarket in the case of dry ice). You'll be launching rings like a pro in no time.

We need16 oz plastic cup(s)Scissors or knifePlastic wrap or a freezer bagDry iceWaterQuarterPenRubberband(s)

Our Equipment

My PredictionWhat I think will happen?

Method What did we do?

The proper name for the air cannon device is vortex generator. The "ball" of air that shoots out of the cannon is actually a flat vortex of air. A vortex is generated because the air exiting the bucket at the center of the hole is traveling faster than the air exiting around the edge of the hole. That swirling or vortex motion can be observed if a little smoke is blown into the bucket just before giving the rubber membrane a gentle push.

ResultWhat happened and Why?



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