Experiment - reeves flight

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Experiment - reeves flight

EXPERIMENTWALT: Explore how a paper plane flies

Prediction (Hypothesis)I think the basic plane will fly the best because it does not have as much detale.

Test 1 Fair Testwe are usingthe hall so the wind not interfer with our results.Test 2 Fair TestWe are using the same paper plane but we put a paper clip anywere.Test 3 Fair TestWe used the hall and the same plane but we made changes.

Method What did we do?

1. Get an A4 piece of paper.2. Fold the paper in half.3. Follow the instructions on the sheet to make your standard paper dart.4. Throw your dart from shoulder height.

Results Test OneMy dart was 8m 85 on my first attempt.Results Test TwoMy dart was 7m 50 on my seconed attempt.Results Test ThreeMy third attempt was 6m.

ResultWhat happened and Why?

EquipmentFor our paper planes I used a piece of A4 paper and on my other plane I used glue and a paper clip.