[2014] Austin John Paris: Experiment

by MrsDLang
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[2014] Austin John Paris: Experiment




Platinum, Technitium and Titanium are all transition metals, both located from groups 3-12 on the periodic table, they're all ductile malleable and conduct electricity and heat.

Considerded by many to be the most valueable metal in the world. Discovered around 3,000 BC and can be used in electronics, jewlery, coins and more. Has all the properites of a transition metal. 6 orbits, an atomic number of 79 and an atomic mass of 197.

Silver is also a transition metal and tarnishes easily. Atomic number of 47, symbol is Ag, Atomic mass of 108. Can be used as jewlery and for photography. Worth about 1/20 of golds value.

A transition metal that is liquid at room temperature. Extremely dense and over 13g per cubic cm. Silver colored can be used in thermometers, berometers florescent lamps and batteries. Extremely toxic and damages central nervous system and leads to madness.





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