Experience the Great Outdoors

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Experience the Great Outdoors

Experiance the Great Outdoors

Need replenishing, to feel free from the loud, polluted and overcrowded city? Come on down to Jimalong. Take on the spectacular fun filled fantasy of the out outdoors. Visit Jimalong it has inspirational activates, go on breath talking walks and learn how to ride a horse. Learn exceptional facts about volcanoes you can even climb one! Come embrace the rugged landscape.You will fall in love with this superb luxures loving society. Come on in and refill, relax and let go. If you can dream it you can do it here at magnificent Jimalong. Jimalong is like walking into a world of life changing experiences and being evaporated into a world of knowledge.If you call in the next 48 hours you will get a 5% discount. So come on down to Jimalong and enter it's outstretched arms. Please call:0400055546For more information vist:www/holidaylife.com.au


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