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Expected Skills

Technology LiteracyWith technology literacy, students should be expected to be able to be on their own with their computer, tablet, or even phone to find the resources they need on web sites, search engines, map searches, videos and etc. They have so many apps that can be used for educational as well as personal reasons, so integrating that into a classroom would be easy assuming that most every student you get should know how to use these things to their advantage.

Expected Skills

Information LiteracyStudents should be able to pull information off of all these tools they have available to this and work effectively with it. There are two different types of information that can come from the traditional skills and as well as some newer twists off of those traditional skills. There are two different ways to handle information, consuming and producing. With consuming information students must weed out unreliable information from the "amateurs" and check bias as well as taking it in and using it appropriately. Then there is producing where it isn't when they just write something for a grade anymore but can actually impact the world around them. With new technology there are new ways to get a hold of something that someone writes and puts on the internet, making it much more public and accessible.

Ditigal CitizenshipDigital citizenship is extremely important, especially with students in today's generation. Due to the movement with technology it has become too easy for students to bully each other in secret and without even having to be in the same room. When given the tools to be great in the classroom, students should not be using these tools to their advantage and hurting their peers amongst them. If this is seen the technology should be brought away from the student and they should be turned back to traditional classrooms and hinder their own experiences and future with knowing these things. What we can't control outside of the classroom we definitely can control inside the classroom.

There is a huge movement going on in classrooms where technology is becoming more prominent and almost a completely permanent part of a students day. But with this change in classrooms we are now not only expecting students to know certain things in the new years curriculum from old curriculums, to also expecting them to know how to work and make these certain advantages come together in their favor.

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