[2015] Xuan Mai Johnson: exp. report la salle xm

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[2015] Xuan Mai Johnson: exp. report la salle xm

About `SalleRobert La Salle was born on November 22, 1643. La Salle died on March 19, 1687. One of his own men murdered him at the Mississippi River.GoalHe was searching for the "Vermillion sea", aka the Pacific ocean.AchievedHe leads an expedition to Illinois and Missississippi rivers, claiming the area. (green route) SponsorKing Louis XIV, 14, and the governor of France paid for his trip.It's an important discovery!His discovery is important because now, the Mississippi river is one of the most important drainage systems used in the United States of America. How would we have our drainage system if Robert La Salle never discovered it! (even if he did bribe someone to pretend he discovered something.

Robert La Salle Robert La SalleRobert La Salle

5 interesting facts...#1 Robert La Salle is also called Rene Robert Calvalier de La Salle.#2 He is a French explorer. #3 He has an automobile company named after him, LaSalle.#4 He explored the Great Lakes.#5 He claimed the whole Mississippi river's basin for France.

December 1666, he sails to Canada and becomes a fur trader.

March 1687, Robert La Salle died, murdered by his own men.

November 1643, Robert La Salle is born.

July 1684, he sails his last expedition, one ship sank by pirates, the other taken over by pirates, lost, in the midst of confusion.

April 1683, La Salle builds a fort on the Illinois.

December 1677, he gets permission to explore the west side of New France.

August 1679, Robert La Salle explores the great lakes.

April 1682, he claims the whole Mississisppi river basin and the areas around it for France.

December 1669, he explores the Ohio and Mississippi river.

December 1674, La Salle travels back to France.

March 1687, Robert L



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