Exercising in Space

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Exercising in Space

Why Do Astronauts Exercise in Space?Astronauts exercise in space to keep healthy, fit, and functional. Without exercise, our body gains unneeded fat and tissue. They need to exercise to maintain muscle and bone mass, without this, our body becomes weak and brittle. This is worse in space because you need muscle power to work with the gravity. They also need to workout to prepare them for space walks, and landing back down on earth. Exercise is a must in a zero gravity environment.

Exercising in Space

How Often Do Astronauts Need to Exercise?In space, astronauts need to exercise everyday for about two hours. They need to follow a daily routine; meaning the astronaut needs to exercise at the same time each day. They do this because they need to keep track of the time of day. The reason is by keeping time of their schedules, they can track the day easier. They all have their own certain times to workout. Although, their session might be altered or restricted due to spacewalks.

Do you ever think, how do astronauts exercise in space? It really isn't as easy as it sounds. Its overall confusing, time consuming, and just a pain to manage. You will get the explanation to your question.

What Do They Use to Exercise in Space?What astronauts use to exercise in space is kind of like what we use down on earth, except they’re designed to keep you from floating away from the machine. The three main things they use is the Cycle Ergometer, The Treadmill and the A.R.E.D (Advanced Restrictive Exercise Device). The Cycle Ergometer, is a stationary bicycle with back support, it has bars to hold onto to secure yourself. The Treadmill, uses a bungee and harness system to secure yourself. At the start of a mission the treadmill gets set to about 60% of a persons body weight, throughout the mission it increases to 85%-100% of a persons body weight to make the workout more challenging. The A.R.E.D is a 600 Ib bar, so astronauts can perform heel lifts, squats, deadlifts, and other exercises similar to weight lifting.

Exercising in space sure is tricky. Harder than exercising on earth. But, astronauts follow the right simple steps to ensure their safety and their enjoyment. Its truly easy once you really get into the routine and know how the system properly works, it’s a fun, cool and great experience. Maybe you’ll be doing this in the future.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield exercising in space.


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