[2015] Fizza Ali: Executive Functioning

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[2015] Fizza Ali: Executive Functioning

Study Strategies

Study Strategies are strategies that help us study better and complete your homework on time.

Executive Functioning skills help people organize, and complete tasks.


Executive FuntionsBy: Fizza Ali

Time management is when we manage our time wisely by keeping track of your assignments and making sure we complete our tasks on time.

Time Management

One study strategy is to study ahead of time, for example a week before a test.

Strategies are plans that help you direct yourself to keep yourself on track.


Following written directions is when you follow directions that are written in a certain way.

Following Written Directions

When creating study plans, you should plan out how you are going to study at least a week ahead.

When you use time management you should use a planner so you can plan out your day, week, or month and stay on track.

Time Management Example


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