Example 1: Avatars to speak for me

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Example 1: Avatars to speak for me

This data set shows how a student used an Avatar to communicate with his peers.

Additional observational data includes a video montage of interview excerpts with the student mother, teacher and school principal and footage showing how the student is interacting with his mother during the viewing of the clip. The mother concluded "MARVIN (the animation software) has given him a voice".

Teacher's blog: used as a trial online storage for e-portfolio material.

Example 1: Avatars to speak for me

The combined analysis of the student video clip and the observational data showed that although the transitional value of the Avatar did not go beyond level 2 of the Reflective Scales, on the experiential level, it provided the student with a stage on which to have 'normative' interactions with peers - where he could communicate on an equal footing with them.

Click here for the Diver analysis of the animated clip

The student used Avatars to describe topics as diverse as his friendship with peers and emotional reactions to events. The analysis of the animation constructed as the introduction to a school camp summary activity indicated that the student only worked at levels 1 and 2 of the Reflective Scales tool, to rehearse and re-live communication and interaction with friends. Because the student produced several animated clips over time, the longitudinal analysis of the Reflective Scales scoring show how, over time the student used the animation tool to address progressively complex issues.


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