Examining formulas

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Examining formulas

Examining Formulas

Real life examples of formulasValerie Green

This formula is used to calculate speed. It can be helpful to calculate miles per hour when driving somewhere. S stands for speed, d is distance, and t is time.

This formula is used to determine income (i) in terms of hours worked (h) multiplied by the constant pay per hour (k).


This equation is used to determine resistance (r) in relation to voltage (v) and current (i).




Power Functions

Direct and Inverse

Neither Direct nor Inverse

I = k(h)

s = d/t

r = v/i

Income(I) is directly proportional to the hours worked (h). Pay per hour is the constant (k)

Speed (s) is inversely proportional to t (time). Distance is the constant (k)

Distance fallen (d) is directly proportional to the time passed (t). The constant (k) is gravity.

This equation is used to calculate distance fallen (d) for different objects based on time (t). K is usually 16 because it represents gravity.

d = kt^2

Resistance (r) is directly proportional to voltage (v), but (r) is also inversely proportionate to current (i).

There is neither direct nor inverse variation in this equation.

This equation can be used to calculate profit (p) based on income (i) - expenses (e). Determining profit is a part of everyday life for many careers.

p = i - e


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