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Social Studies

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Homo Habilis

I am Australopithecus, the father of the Genus Homo. I evolved around 3.9 million years ago, and died around 1.7 million years ago. My run was a good one, I even learned how to use some stone tools.

The Very Begining. 4.6 Billion years ago the Earth begins to fully form.3.6 Billion years ago, the first singl celled organisms start to evolve. These early cells are still around and they are called prokaryotes. 3.4 Billion years ago stromatilites start to exibit photosythisis. 2 Billion year ago the first complex cells begin to form, these cells are called Eukaryotes. Only another billion years after that, multicellular life emerges. At 250 million years, the greatest extinction event in earths history occured killing 90% of marine life. life on land took 30 million years to recover. Some scientist think this extinction let to the ensuing diversification of plant and animal life. After this extinction, the life on earth took a very big turn.This extinction gave dinosaurs the opertunity to evlove. They ruled the Earth longet than any other one animal on the planet. Scientist think what gave them this advantage, was their size, caused by the high oxegen content in the atmosphere. 65 Million years ago, a large commet hit the Earth, causing the dinosaurs to go extinct. This extinction is what cleared the slate again, giving the mammals their turn to rule the Earth. Since humans are mammals, this is of course what cave us the oppertunity to Evolve.

The History of Human Evolution.

A Brief Summary of pre-human Evolution.

Sahelanthropus was our oldest hominin anscestor with chimps.And he paved the way for our good friends and distant cosiuns Australopithecus and they are the reason we are here as we are today. See the australopithecus was the ancestor of the genus "homo", which is what modren humans are classified as. After australopithecus the next evolutionary steping stone was Homo Habilis or "handy man". Handy man ws quickly eplaced by the more efficent model Homo Ergaster, which is the father of the three major branches of the genus homo; Homo heidelbergensis, Homo sapiens, and Homo neanderthalensis. Of course we modern humans are homo sapiens, so that really ends our path on evolution, however, we are not yet done on this path, and I for one cannot wait to see where we go next.

Brief History of Human Evolution


Homo Egaster


Homo Sapien (Human)

I was the predesesor of australopithecus. I paved the way for modern humans.

Hello I am Homo Habilis or "Handy Man". I go this nick name for mastering what my father Australopthecus started. I was found with my tool set, even when I died. I was very proud of my work I started showing up around 2.3 million years ago and started disappearing around 1.4 million years ago. Again, a good run. if a short one, I mastered the art of tools, This was a great leap for what would be man.

I am Homo Egaster, the last common ancestor of Homo heidelbergensis, Homo sapiens, and Homo neanderthalensis. I existed between 1.8-1.4 million years ago.

Hello, I am Homo Sapien, the poduct of this evolutionary train, even though some of me dont act like it. I am the only intelligent life on Earth right now, and as far as I know, in the universe. I have had an extremly short run, but it is not yet finished. I started showing up around .195 million years ago and am still around today. I do not know how long I will be here, but I hope I make a difference...



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