Evolution of Typing

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Evolution of Typing

The model shown on the right is the VK200 KEYFOB. Released by CTX Technologies in 2013, the VK200 is able to project a functional keyboard onto any opaque surface. It also connects via bluetooth and has built in mouse funcitonality.The idea of a optical virtual keyboard started in 1992 when IBM patented a technology very similar to what is used today. Then in 2002 Canesta developed a physical model of the virtual keyboard, but it was never put on the market.Now there are many different varitions on the virtual keyboard concept, and it's recent commercial sucess means we may be seeing more advancement in the near future.

PRESENTVirtual Projection Keyboard

Also known as the Sholes and Glidden typewriter, the Remington No. 1 was the first commercially sucessful typewriter to be avaliable on the market. It also featured the QWERTY keyboard layout.Aquired by the arms manufacturers E.Remington and Sons in 1873, the Remington No. 1 was refined by the company until released on July 1st, 1874.The typewriter was intially meet with an unenthusiastic response from the public due to the lack of an established market, high cost and all-uppercase lettering. Eventually, however, the typewriter was a common office fixture that brought on a new era of women in the clercial workplace.

PASTRemington No. 1

Model M Keyboard


Model M is a designation for a group of computer keyboards manufactured by IBM starting in 1984. These keyboards were extremely durable and a favourite among consumers. They also almost all featured a buckling spring key design.


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