Evolution of the Darwin Finches

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Evolutionary Biology

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Evolution of the Darwin Finches

Selective AdvantagesWhen Darwin Finches interbreeded within the population they diverged decendent spieces with various beak sizes. Before natural selection the birds competed for resources such as seeds. Those birds with larger beaks had an advantage and could compromises by eating fruit, while some birds could eat insects with there tinier beaks.

Divergent evolution is when two or more spieces have evoloved from a shared ancestor and have been seperated into two different populations. Selective pressures then cause the populations to interbreed. Various spieces then evolve, producing very different phenotype compared to their original ancestors. In the Darwin Finches case various finch spieces evolved with different beak sizes suited to their diet.

Natural SeletionNatural Selection is when certain organisms are better adapted to their enviroment, inordering them to survive long enough to be able to have offspring and pass on their advanced genes to the next generation. Charles Darwin was a naturalist who studied the theory of evolution and believed that natural selection is a component of evolution. Natural selection includes variation, competition and selection. Variation between individuals can increase chances of survival if the organisim possess a phenotype,accumulating the chances of reproducing and passing on their genes into the next generation. Selection implicates biotic and abiotic factors that assist selecting who will survive longer than others. Biotic factors include predators or mating partners. Abiotic factors could envolve water supply and tempreture. Competition involves organisims fighting for resources (food etc.), mating partners or survival from predators. The result of Natural selection is the phenotypes passing on their favourable gene to their offspring. Which creates frequency of organisms with advanced genes and will increase and evolve.

Competition for ResourcesDarwin Finches interbreeded on the Galapagos islands, rapidly increasing in numbers. Seed resources became scarce and those who had selective advantages over others such as a longer beak to eat insects survived and carried their genes onto their offspring, evolving another spieces.

By Bella Hensel

Evolution of the Darwin Finches

Darwin FinchesSpieces of diversification, who occupied the South American mainland and colonised on the Galapagos islands. The islands provided plenty of resources for the Finches but became scarce due to the large population. Selective pressure evolved various finch spieces with different sized beaks. Other evolved spieces of the Darwin Finch are both similare and different. All finch spieces are primarily differentiated by beak size suited to their diet but vary in colour and physical size. As the Finch has evolved they have darkened in feather colour and decreased in size. Some of the finch spieces look entirely different from their ancestors and can no longer reproduce with eachother because they are to distant.


Darwinagos Finches originated from the Gala`pagos islands and breed throughout.


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