Evolution of Telephone

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Inventors and Inventions

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Evolution of Telephone

The Evolution of the Telephone

Invented by Alexander Grahm BellTimeline by Steph 6SB


First Telephone


Transcontinental Call





North American

Portable Cell Phones


Present Day

- Can transmit speech by"talking with electricity"- Could receive sound fromanother end not far,about a short walkin distance- Overthrew the multipletelegraph with it's newtechnology and handiness- The inventor AlexanderGrahm Bell spoke intothe telephone to his partnerThomas Watson in anotherroom

- Alexander Grahm Bellcalled his partner ThomasWatson again with a newtest, which became thefirst transcontinentaltelephone call- From New York to SanFrancisco- Used 2,500 tons of copperwire, 130,000 poles, anda severe amount of loadingcoils (the world's longesttelephone line)

- Enhanced with easieraccessibility compared toan operator- Simply dial a number onthe rotary dial wheel

- Bell Labs and AT&Tpartnered together to createa system that would assignphone numbers to everyonein Canada, USA, and a fewof Carribean nations- This system was createdbecause of the overwhelmingamount of customersneeding telephones

- Created by Martin Cooper who was awarded a patent two years later in 1975- Model features ten push buttons that replace the tradition rotary dial- Later, a twelve buton model is introduced tht includes the * and # symbol

- The amount of telephonesubscribers is now over a hundredmillion (25,000 in 1984)- Some smartphones also feature a camera,Internet access, video, calenders, etc.


Numbering Plan


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